It begins.

Welcome to the blog, glad you have decided to join us on our journey! If you haven’t gathered already, this site is about making wine as cheaply as possible. That being said, we have spent a few dollars at Stompin’ Grapes in Chatham, Ontario on some basic provisions. These include a hydrometer, cleansers, air-locks, and some brewer’s yeast. Beyond those supplies we will be flying by the seat of our pants.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, and ask that you keep things rated PG….. Well PG-13 at worst….. Then again if you’re consuming alcohol you’re 19 or older here in Ontario which means you can say pretty much whatever vulgarity you can imagine. I suppose we still have freedom of speech so go ahead and express yourself. I will remove any posts which go beyond what society generally tolerates however, so be witty instead of crude and everything should work out fine.

Stay tuned, we will be starting our first brew tonight and it will be fully documented. Thanks for stopping by!

the test post

yes this is only a test and i really have to learn how to *enter*

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it is a test.